Wanted: The most annoying tank

After being beaten down by higher leveled people in arena one too many times I wanted to find a way to at least lessen the number of attacks. Instead of building a new defensive team out of the newest op heroes I decided to take a different approach. A team made up of the most irritating heroes to fight of each role. I’ve easily picked Hiro as a control, but I am having trouble picking a tank.


I have also considered putting hatter in as well for the slowness. In case I don’t go with a secondary damage or tank

Olaf is a pain in the neck. Constant freezes, healing, and slows make him so stubborn.


If you want annoying, bogo with a 5 star mr incredible disk is the most irritating tank since he just doesn’t get hurt.


Bogo will sometimes be the very last hero and won’t die on my team in colisseum and arena. That guy right now at O8 and lvl 128, all badges, is insane at surviving pretty much anything. XD

I found Bogo was pretty useless at o5 so I stopped working on him. Did he get a major buff st o8?

I was going to suggest Aladdin, but Peter Pan just stole his spot. He’s so annoying with his dodges . . .


How many stars did his incredible disk have?

If you use the Mr Incredible disk, he can be incredibly annoying as his shield (at full stars) starts back up immediately after it ends, so its almost a continual shield. XD


Shank olaf and hades ,hercules

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There is no better and more annoying tank than Bo Peep. Stupidly high stats, does insane damage and is very bulky. She basically plays all four roles in one character. Don’t know what they were thinking when they designed and balanced this character.

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Pretty much all heroes released since goofy are like that.