War anti cheat (disconnecting on purpose)

There needs to be some sort of anti cheat for people who purposely disconnect from war if there match isn’t going the way they wanted.

An idea that comes straight to my head is that you should be made to use the same heroes you picked before to fight before you disconnected.

If someone truly disconnected because of bad connection then they would have no reason to put up completely new teams and would pick the same teams again.

@Polaris is this something that can be done or is there any of suggestions


At the moment the only restriction is that it is only allowed to happen 3 times, but I do like your suggestion very much.

It helps those who struggle to remember the (good) attack they planned and got disconnected, while going against cheeting. Hopefully PB will look at it!

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Yes I agree and those 3 extra turns should be for people who truly lost connection and get to try again. Not for someone to exploit.

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I’m not sure there’s a good way to fix this :stuck_out_tongue: the caveat of only allowing it 3 times should encourage guild leadership to advise their members against abusing it, in case it’s truly needed.

An improvement might be to ‘lock in’ the attackers teams, should they decide to attack the same target again. Of course this is still easily circumvented by someone else attacking that defender, but it’s something :man_shrugging:

The possibility of guilds getting 3 ‘practice’ attacks per war is still better IMO than the frequent complaints we used to get about attacks being wasted by a disconnect

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I agree our guild has a post on the guild wall asking people who disconnect to use the same team. Some. Guilds obviously don’t care.

I think what you guys are missing is, even if they didn’t disconnect on purpose, that STILL gives them unfair advantage. They can simply come back later, use a different lineup or attack an easier team.

Frankly, one battle requires little data transfer and it should be your responsibility to ensure a stable connection for 1-4 minutes. DCs occur in every game and i haven’t heard of rematches cause of bad connection on one end in FPS or MMORPGs? :thinking:

To me, the system is way too generous and the player should not be given another chance.

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