War boxes and war in general


I’ve just hit lvl 45 and unlocked guild war. And than i see that on top of all that nearly 15 war boxes are waiting to be opened (enthusiastic screaming!!!).
I need some guidelines what to look to pull from boxes. Best value, gold,war shop currency,hero chips etc? When to pull them, is there any difference in drops for example just at the end of the war or something like that? And alsoshould i pull them all at once, to collect them until i have solid amount, or just to open them as i get them?
Any more tips for guild war are also welcome, especially for part that i’m pretty much at bottom of my guild of those who can participate in war (so how can low lvl be best of use in guild war). But i’ve seen solid amount of guides, and strategy posts for guild wars, so that’s just bonus. I haven’t found almost anything concerning war boxes, so i’ll really appreciate all the help and experience.
Thanks in advance. :smiley:

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The drops are determined as soon as the boxes as earned. Doesn’t matter when you open them, you’ll get the same stuff.

War tokens are generally better than chips unless you really need one of the offered heroes, as the token reward can be increased and the chips can’t.

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You want to open your boxes as soon as you get them, there is no benefit to holding on to them. As far as what is the best thing to choose from each box, it’s an awful answer but the truth is to choose whatever works best for you. Each box will give you an option of 3 things to choose from and you are the best person to decide what will make the biggest difference to your progress.
The boxes will usually contain 3 similar items (like hero chips for different characters or memories for discs) so it’s mostly just a case of whether any of the things on offer are more useful to you than the others.
When it comes to strategies for the war, that is really something you need to discuss with your guild. Me and my guild have what I think is a good strategy but it might not be the same as your guild’s and if you do my thing it could actually be worse for your guidances. Speak to your guild leaders and ask them what they want you to do. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what your guild is there for.


Yeah i’ve open 2 of them and gotten similar impresion for example: 20 Sally, 20 Buzz chips or 2200 market currency which converted is basically same (2200 is bit more but you need to spend it refreshing so its really pretty much same). That’s why it is so hard to choose but it’s pleasure right? :smiley: But thanks for confirming my thoughts and sharing experience. As for for my guildmates, they are unfortunately pretty quiet in chat, i’ve asked there first but didn’t get any asnswers yet… :slight_smile: