War matching is broken this month


In previous months, matching seemed fair; we’d win a couple, lose a couple. This month, we’ve only been paired with top 30 guilds, outstripping us in power by millions. Is anyone else running into this?


It’s been the exact same way with my guild! We haven’t won any wars yet this month because we’re outmatched ridiculously!


There’s MANY factors that decide your opponents in any given war, mainly based on your previous placement, but also due to some people deciding to sit out a war here and there if they think they’re gonna get tough opponents… Without more info than “War is broken”, no one can say for definite if there is an issue…


The reasoning of matching is simple(but i’m not sure):

-First war of the season matches you with the closest opponent, decided by rating.
-Other wars in separated divisions matches you with the the closest opponent, decided by strength in the same division.
-In the highest division matches you with the closest opponent, decided by rating.

All of this excluding your previous opponent and starting from the strongest guilds. If you’re up against some stronger guild, it seems there was noone else for them to fight against and you’re the closest in terms of power.


More info? Okay, we’ve had 5 matchups this month. The first four were with top 30 guilds, but their MMR was somewhat close to ours, so I can see how it could happen. However, after 4 losses and our MMR dropping to almost 600, we’ve been matched up with the 16th-ranked guild on server 1, who has an MMR over 700. Our guild is ranked 77th and their power is double ours.

So, it seems like matching is broken.


My guild has had trouble, too. We’re ranked 64th on server 9 and haven’t won a war this season. All the guilds we’ve got up against beat us by hundreds of points. This latest war, we finally got a guild we can handle, but they have the short end of the stick now. Our guild is much more powerful than the won we’re up against (there’s about a 30 difference between our mmr.)


You lost 4 wars, they lost 4 wars (if they didn’t, they’d have been promoted), so it could be the case that they are the highest team left, and that you, unfortunately for you, are the 2nd highest ranked team…

After 4 straight losses being a somewhat “lower” level team, you will almost ALWAYS come against teams of a vastly different MMR and power level - it’s not broken, it’s just how it is…

Had the game paired you with a guild closer to your MMR, that would mean the opponents you now have either face nobody (unfair on them) or an even lower guild (unfair on them)…

So again, not broken, it’s just how it works, if you don’t get yourself promoted you will almost always come up against stronger teams with a much higher MMR who have also managed to not get promoted…


Thank you for the awesome explanation! It finally makes sense!