War needs a serious overhaul

The matchmaking algorithm is totally broken. Support ticket replies say that MMR is used and teams don’t face one another if they played against each other in the last 7 games. It makes for abysmal matchups PerBlue.

The main determining factor in war success (not the only factor, but the main factor) is total power. Because the more total power you have the more strong lines you can roll. Having more power allows for off duty heroes to be substituted, allows for a strong second attack and most of all, a monstrous defense. Depending on where your guild falls on the ranking system, you may not notice it as much, but believe me, for those of us unlucky enough to fall in the 8-10 ranking spot it absolute blows. Why?

Because we experience month after month of being rerolled against the same top ranked guilds, often in the same order even twice a month. We manage to win 2 or maybe 3, then the order resets, and we lose the next 5 straight in crushing defeats. Yet our MMR while a good 400 below the top ranked guilds don’t diminish and we keep being matched to the same opponents. This month alone we were matched 3 times against lower ranking teams and 12 times against higher ranking teams. We have won 5 times, which in itself shows that we are batting above average for our means. Teams placed 257th in ranking reach legendary tier yet we consistently get shutout. New guild members coming from a slightly lower placed guild, say that they used to see one of the top 3 once a season. Now in our guild they see them all, all but twice a season. Another observation: those top ranked guilds don’t care whether they play us or some other team 30 below, it’s a walk in the park for them, but for us it would make a world of difference to be matched at least an equal amount of times against a lower ranked guild. Yet your current match making algorithm never give us these outcomes.

A very very minor tweak to your system would be to change the constant 7 to 15, ensuring that we only meet another team at most once a season. We could still be paired against 8 higher teams but it should also give us a fair chance of playing lower placed teams. Or adopt a system of playing tier vs tier. Let the top 4 duke it out while the rest play each other once a month. Something, anything would be a better implementation than this.

And no, the answer is not “get better” as in spend more money, someone will always be in rank 8,9 or 10 and it’s about time that war stops sucking for those guilds because of poor matchmaking.


^^^^This exactly!!!

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