Way to make Invasion easier?

I used to do extremely well in Invasions a few months ago, but they seem to become steadily harder and harder to beat. I remember being able to get the Boss’ to the high 200’s in level before not being able to push past that, but now 215 is about the highest I can get.

Is this just the game becoming more difficult, or is there an uber team per Invasion that is effective?


Yep. Cap raises are unhealthy and unwanted, but Perblue simply refuses to acknowledge this…


There are optimized teams per color (with some slight variations possible), but a lot of it also comes down to how active your guild is (maximizing coins/item drops) and your luck with power-ups drops (and how often you get power-ups for the hero you’re pumping higher, assuming you have 1). With bad luck on power-up drops, even with a maxed out optimized team you’ll still be limited in how large of a bot your team can handle.

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Also dont forget with recent new heroes that are too OP, the different enemy team buffs and sabotages. It’s really hard.
Out of 3 colours I only do well in blue. The others I barely made solo 180.
Plus it became less worth it for the time and efforts you put in for such shitty rewards tbh.


What server???

I noticed the same, took a lot of time every day to reach all tiers now. But you need to get all tiers, to get your mods to Level 3.

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Hi i have the same experience and “bad feeling”…although I am CONSTANTLY working on my characters Invasion keeps getting more and more difficult to beat…I mean what kind of strange game mechanics is that ?!

Server 1. I can usually get my team to have boosts into the lower 100’s but still have issues.

I mean, the bot hp continue scaling really high in the 200s. You can see how powered up my team was and still was unable to 1 shot a L230 bot. I think they scale them up exponentially so the jump in the 200s is much higher.

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Holy cow…Dash just has all the hits here. XD He leaves everyone in the dust.

I’ve been testing the theory of not using any boosts in fights and have noticed that I can do much better without them. Thoughts

Off-topic noob question… But how do you deal with the mecha-dinos? In the higher levels even with Violet’s special and full health I can get half my team blown up in a blink when it goes nuclear…

There’s not a great deal you can do, other than:

  • Invincibility buff, and kill the dino while it’s active
  • Shields upon shields upon shields
  • Scar + many back-line heroes
  • Wipe out the team so fast that the entire team dies before/during the explosion. It won’t damage you if the whole team is dead.
  • Take out extra damage wards or extra damage to tank wards, etc.

OMG Heline that’s a insane team! Is Hiro and baymax worth in invasion???

How hard is it, exactly? As long as you hit all rewards you are plenty good, in my opinion.

Baymax can be helpful in breaker quests, but not worth it for bots over the heroes in my previous post.

Hiro is hands down the best tank for red bots imo. 30% dodge, significant hp (~2x a tank hero’s up), a shield with his Baymax disk, and if he dies you can resummon him. He’s also useful on breaker quests with his Baymax disk since he gains energy every round (in case he fell short on the previous wave) and his megabot stuns/distracts the enemy. His DWD disk is also good for breaker quests since it can stun the entire backline.