We need options to buy 100x!

@Polaris please, if you can, urge the necessity for the dev team to add a QoL update that consists of “Buy 100” button for Team Crates, Role Crates and Gold Crates. Diamond Crates have it for a long time, yet others don´t have it at all.

Furthermore, there could be a QoL update disabling the unlock animation if you already have the character in your team. Therefore people could have that sweet feeling of seeing the unlock animation of only the character they don´t have yet and try to get.


I somewhat agree with you @Numi_S1, but I think buying 100 at a time is a bit much, also wouldn’t that for Gold crates almost cost 1 million? 90,000 x 10 = 900,000 :man_shrugging:

You think there are people that don´t buy loads of Gold Crates? Whales that need to spend for a contest do, in loads. And I believe not only them.

I never said there wasn’t, and I’m not tryna upset ya, I’m just saying that’s a lot of crate rewards

Say that to Diamond Crates really. I wouldn´t be against changing the “Buy 100” to “Buy 50” and introducing it to all Crates.

That’s true, and I agree with what u are saying, I’m just saying that’s a whole lot of rewards, but you stay true to yourself and what you believe, maybe they add a setting where u can buy crates that use up all your money :man_shrugging:

I mean, there needs to be some shave off the time used to buy those crates if they are spammed. And that´s either the “Buy 100” or leaving out animations of already unlocked characters. Both saves time, which matters.

I can’t help but agree! My is money and money is time :wink: :rofl:

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