We Need Servers To Be Merged

From what I can gather, a lot of servers feel the same way and are having the same issue

The servers are getting quiet, the top guilds are struggling to recruit new members that fit requirements befitting being in a top guild.
With every update, the grind gets heavier and heavier, causing older players to quit.

The solution is; we need servers to be merged. Eg merge 1 and 2, 3 and 4 etc etc


Merging servers is a temporary solution. Players will continue to quit, and it’s only a matter of time until the issue resurfaces. What really needs to be done is the grind needs to be heavily reduced, but Perblue is hellbent on making it as heavy as possible. Examples of this include the gold/xp increase, the butchering of Invasion rewards, and now milking the life out of contests. The game is dying from poor management, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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Bad idea. It won’t change a thing if Server 1 merges with Server 2.

In fact, Server 1 probably would stomp Server 2 all he wants. If you are unhappy in your current server, you can always try your luck in the newest server you can get ahold.

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Server 1 needs a merge badly.

Don’t revive old topics.


Sorry it didn’t show the year. :joy::joy::joy:

In this case, why not? It’s on topic.


Ok, sorry i thought he/she couldn’t . Nvm then.

It’s alright. To clarify for future reference, reviving threads is ok if the user is on-topic and contributing to the discussion. Otherwise, feel free to ask them not to. :slight_smile:

And to get back on topic, it’d be nice if S19 could get a merge. It’s lonely here sometimes.

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Oh ok.

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Servers i think should be merged.

Servers 1 - 4
Servers 5 - 8
Servers 9 - 12
Servers 13 - 17
Servers 18 - 22

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I don’t think the merger will answer it. I’m on the S2 and we’re in a merge. Which caused too many guilds to fall, many active players will leave the game and with the last contests it is impossible to stay in the top positions, unless obviously, you spend a lot of money.

If there’s one thing that needs to change, it’s that they stop making so many unnecessarily expensive offers so that the one with money always has an advantage.
It’s predictable who won the last contests, since now it’s just about spending money, right?

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