We wish for the wish crates to come back!

I really want the wish crates because we have heroes that we can’t get and we need to get hero chips so can you bring back the wish crates and tell us when they pop up? Like for instance every first 2 weeks of a month the wish crates return! Al in all we need wish crates! Buuut as usual we need the price lowered! I mean what if I want to get shego and I get exp drinks and I wasted 1,000 diamonds! So how if we lower it too 360!

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I don’t want that mistake to return.


Gold Crates, Shops, (Free Diamond Crates from Contests).

The Wish Crate was bad, it had so many meh drops for a price way too high. So either they need to change the drops, the price… or ideally, both.
In its old state, it would just be hated again by majority of players.


No. They’re WAY too expensive for anyone who isn’t able to buy thousands of diamonds a day to get them.


they made em so easy to stay away from. Not even a thought enetered my mind in buying them

Wish Crates were so, so bad. If they ever come back, their cost needs to be obliterated.


Quiero a fozzie el oso y sólo que pongan un nivel élite con sus fichas no puedo tenerl sin la caja de deseos

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