Webby Vanderquack: Hero Concept

Webby is ready to battle the enemies with her charm and skills.
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Role: Control
Trial Team: Red
Stars: :star2:
Quote: “As soon as I’m done polishing my tea pot, we can have a tea party with all my dollies!”
Basic Attack: Webby hits enemies with her Quacky-Patch doll.
Victory: Webby hugs her Quacky-Patch doll
Defeat: Webby falls onto the floor in a fit.
Entrance: Webby runs onto the battlefield with her Quacky-Patch

New: Tea Fun, Tea Fun is a buff that stacks like Hardy or Fatigue, Tea Fun is a buff that removes 1 debuff from an ally, she can remove a debuff every 10.5 seconds.

White Skill: Quacky-Patch Power :white_circle:
Webby throws her Quacky-Patch Doll at an enemy dealing X fantastic damage while also applying 3 stacks of fatigue to them and cleansing Webby, then she runs acroos the battlefield to get her Quacky-Patch doll, dealing X normal damage to all enemies.

Green Skill: Tea Party :green_circle:
Webby grabs her teapot and pours herself a cup and the drinks it, giving her 3 stacks of “Tea Fun” and healing her weakest ally for X% of their max HP and cleansing that ally.

The percent of the weakest ally heal is reduced if that ally is above level X.

Blue Skill: Ant Friends :large_blue_circle:
Webby calls on many ants who run through the battlefield, dealing X normal damage to tank enemies, dealing X fantastic damage to control enemies, stunning support enemies for 15 seconds, and charming damage enemies for 16.5 seconds

Purple Skill: Charming Duck :purple_circle:
When Webby is below 50% of her max HP, she smiles at the enemies, charming them for 8 seconds.

Red Skill: Sweetie Ducky :red_circle:
“Charming Duck” now also stuns enemies for 9.0 seconds, “Ant Friends” now grants her weakest ally 4 stacks of “Tea Fun”, “Quacky-Patch Power” now targets the enemy with the most HP, “Tea Party” now gives her 6 stacks of “Tea Fun”

+18% reality
+89,765 skill power
+778,965 HP


Webby/Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Disk: Duck Fun
Image: Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby laughing,
Webby now charms the “most wanted” enemy at the beginning of each battle for 12.0 seconds.

+43,678 skill power
+7% reality to her allies

Webby/Magica De Spell

Disk: My Dime not Yours!

Image: Magica’s shadow and Webby grabbing #1 dime on different sides.

Webby now hexes enemies at the beginning of each wave for 13.0 seconds.

+3 stacks of hardy to Webby each wave.
+4 stacks of fatigue to the “most wanted” enemy each wave.
-13,874 skill power to the enemy with the most HP each battle.

Friendship Chat

Webby/Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Webby bumps into Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Dewey: Oh hi Webby! Nice to see you in the city.
Webby: Hello Dewey nice to see you too. Oh and Huey and Louie too.
Huey smiles
Louie: ooo maybe we should go get pizza and then have some fun…
Webby: Sounds great!

Webby/Magica De Spell
Magica accidentally steps on Quacky-Patch
Webby: Hey lady! You stepped on my Quacky-Patch!
Webby: Hey you are Magica de Spell! You tried to steal Uncle Scrooge’s dime!
Magica speaking to herself that little imp knows my plans to take the dime!
Magica: That may be true, but I shall get it!
Magica teleports away
Webby: Oh that mean old witch! I shall tell Uncle Scrooge!
Webby runs to Scrooge’s mansion

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