Week 3 Challenger seasons is broken

The rule says reduced 75% on speed buffs I have no speed buffs on my hero’s and my hero’s are super slow at the start of combat. Surely this is wrong and needs fixing @Polaris

Seems like it’s slowing all heroes by 75% no matter what


yeah true, my heroes getting slow 75% and enemies getting faster 75%
how come we can pass at least 1st stage?

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True noticed the opponent team was fast, they had a Olaf that was on steroids

One of my teammates noticed having pleakly in your teams made the opponents team
Speed up. Also noticed my team speed up randomly too

Needs fixing so stupid and annoying

My team is slow, while the opponent often attacks mega fast.
In addition, the healing is mega delayed…

Yep, totally broken :frowning_face:


The 75% slow can happen to both teams. Same can be said about 75% fast.
I had a fight few times where I had a hyperfast team.
@Polaris I think the rule doesn’t work as intended a bit.

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Its unplayable, just not working.

Would be better if you just stay on easy rules like reduce armor and that stuff, so nothing could go wrong without testing it.

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Yepp not working for me either…unplayable at best. Now i can sit here here in my Division and watch till next week…ridiculous

Well, don’t mind, fix it or change rule

Hopefully they fix the problem or change the rule. They better not just leave it until next week. I have enjoyed this months challenger so far and thought I would do well until this happened

they can’t just leave it, the rankings will be completely skewed… against heroes like Randall it’s not even possible to win before timing out with the bugged slowdown

I’ve asked the team to take a look at this.


Well, it says attack and movement speed buffs are less Effective and not let ur team go in minus speed

My best guess would be that instead of “Speed buffs are 75% less effective” this happened:

Whenever a character is buffed with speed, it´s atk/movement speed is reduced by 75%.
Whenever a character is debuffed with slow, it´s atk/movement speed is increased by 75%.

However, right now it is only my pure guess.

Teams with a small number of people, such as the first, have advantages. Uninteresting.

What i found out is that some of my chars get speedbuffs and some speednerfs so as well the oponent team…actually its pure chaos and not playable at all. I have no idea how i should plan all my fights. I cant allways change my lineup and its pretty annoying so to say. The other downside if you got all your extra fights wasted you have to finally put diamonds in to fight more…not with me i will skip this mess entirely.

We are going to replace the rule with something else. The team is working on that right now and we should have that done in the next few hours.


Thanks for the quick response :+1:

We have replaced the Division III rule in Arena and Coliseum Challenger - it is now “Skill Power is decreased by 90% for Damage heroes.”

We will also have a bonus chances event that is scheduled to run starting tonight/tomorrow depending on your server.

You shouldn’t did this before rewards

I spent too much time and diamonds to get my points and I’m out of hits now

What if someone passed me now?

Return back my diamonds then and cancel 1st day

This isn’t cool

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