Week challenge help

I am lost with this

Alright for the Weekly challenge, Defeat Chomp Chomp w/Sparrow, They can be found in the following - Ch 16 Lvl 1,2,6 & 7 . Ch 17 Lvl 1,2 & 7. Ch 18 Lvl 6. Ch 20 Lvl 7. Ch 22 Lvl 7. Ch 23 Lvl 3.

This was mine on Server 14

Anyone know where Cold snappers are located??

Ch 24-3 has a Coldsnapper. They can also appear in Heist.

In Invasion as well

Don’t have Ch24 yet on Server 14, so looks like it’s a hit or miss on this Challenge. I let Perblu know, asking why they gave us this challenge when we don’t even have this Chapter on our Server, when we could’ve gotten the Challenge with Stitch that listed up above. I really don’t feel like spending 200 diamonds after the Update when we get this Chapter just to complete this Challenge.


The NPCs also appear in the breaker battles in Invasion, so these challenges are accessible even if you don’t have the chapter unlocked.

@Polaris, could you pls tell your team to set up the information as where to find these specific enemies like this in the next challenge?

Tbh, this kind of challenge is refreshing, way better than “using a specific team to …” challenges (except for servers dont have these chapter unlocked or players under-level)

Wouldn’t that remove half the challenge of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the challenge is “defeat”, not to “find” them. Not to mention, people will go ask others anyways :))))

I have asked the team to add where to find the NPC to the ‘i’.


Does this challenge show up for people who are not high enough level to access Invasion? Or do lower level players get a different challenge?

I’m high enough for Invasion so I’m not worried for myself, but if Coldsnappers don’t show up until a chapter our server doesn’t have access to yet, and a player is lower than 60 and gets this challenge, they literally have no way to complete it. Just want to make sure they’re not being overlooked :slight_smile:

What characters gain stacks of Hardy? I wish they would show you what heroes can complete challenges…I have almost every hero and it takes too long to look through each skill for all of them to figure out who gains stacks of Hardy. Help please.

Rapunzel, Maximus and Ian (Red skill)
Tron, Linguini,Belle ,Hank(Po)

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