Week Challenges Bug


The week challenges restarted right now and there’s barely 8 hours to complete them before a new week challenge starts.
More important than that, these 8 hours were subtracted from the last challenge, at the exact time we received our arena tokens, so I (and I guess many other players) couldn’t finish it.


Could you please take a quick look at it @Polaris ?


I noticed the exact same thing. Was wondering what happened???


Came to post this too. I was one buy away from finishing Warrior’s Winnings was gonna do it tonight now it’s gone back to the “archive” of old challenges and it’s progress has been reset…


Same thing here. I was about to finish it



I’ve alerted the team but it’s after 10PM. Soooo, we’ll get someone working on this right away in the AM and get it fixed right up.

This set of Challenges has been a challenge for us all!


I was one arena purchase away from completing the challenge and now I didn’t got to do it because apparently there’s new challenges already. I’ve already made my purchase so now I have to spend diamonds so I can redo the challenge. Thanks a lot.


Ikr!! It seems all these two challenges wanna do is cause me trouble… Then they wanna go and cause you guys trouble…twice!! Oh well I hope you find the solution soon!! :grin:


I have completed the last challenge but the new one i have already done and got no progress even within this 8 hours…its the first time i havent completed a challenge :tired_face:
Or better i havent got the progress for completing



What’s going to happen to the players that have already completed Pick 'Em Book?

Can’t do anything about this challenge unless the devs add more books or challenges to Pick 'Em. Also, will they add new challenges for old books we previously completed? Will we get auto-credited instead?


Click on the i and it already tells you @Ricter_Pistachio


I have… as you can see, yet no credit. @Shambo


It’s broken at the moment. We’ll be doing a server update to fix it as soon as we’ve had a chance to QA the solution. Once we’ve fixed the challenges, you should be able to claim it correctly.


What about those of us who were one day away from the challenge? I was about to complete it but it was already glitched


What happens to the roughly 1000+ gems I used to refresh energy to try to get to 750 raid tickets used before I noticed the time constraint? Will the issue be fixed before the challenge expires and I have to start the 3 days quest over?


It’s still bugged it seems :frowning:


The ‘fix’ explained in our mail seems really unfair to those of us who were 6/7 done with the Arena and/or Colisseum challenge (Warrior’s Winnings / Gladiator’s Share).

I’ve been saving up since I joined the game just for that challenge, and now I’m 3000 tokens short and without the challenge having been awarded, as others were previously voicing.

1000 shop currency is not an appropriate fix.

(1) Tokens spent in those shops while those challenges were active need to be refunded
(2) The challenges need to be issued again for 1 day (1 day requirement [only spend for 1 day] with 24hours to fulfill)
or (3) The challenges that were 6/7 complete just need to be marked as complete with avatar awarded.

Is it really that hard for the game engineers to run a query ‘who had challenge X’ and ‘who was at progress 6/7?’ That’s all it would take to identify the population and then action 1 is award the challenge avatar and action 2 is mark complete. Awards don’t need to be redistributed since the mail received tried to bribe us with the completion amounts, but doesn’t take into account the essential theft of those 3000+ shop tokens and voluntary choice to withhold awarding the appropriate challenge and avatar to all those who were about to earn it if not for the system glitch.


I want my sticker and I want it completed or I want the 200 freaking diamonds for your screw up and five days done. Not our fault and and we shouldn’t have to pay for it again to complete it when you guys break things. @Polaris


Yes I agree with @Trystal_Storm and @DarthStitch

Something more needs to be done. 400 Diamonds to redo these stickers is unacceptable. @Polaris


Yep, the “Pick a Winner” challenge isn’t awarding correctly at the moment if you have the Pick 'Em Book complete. The team will be sure that gets fixed before this week’s challenges end.

Edit: The compensation we sent out for last week’s challenges was the Challenge Token reward that would have been earned for completing the challenges. We understand many people were close to finishing and spent a lot of time and tokens working on it. We won’t be issuing further compensation for this, but we will take your feedback into consideration for future issues.