Weekly quests rewards - changed?

I’ve noticed the last few weeks that the rewards have been drastically reduced.
I only get 5 badge bits or hero bits to choose from. No items at all, not to mention double drops items which were sometime in the pool.

Anyone else?

That’s bad luck I guess.
Most rewards from those always were pretty low. You probably happened not to get good ones recently

I did get extra buy-items (stamina-buy), gold cards (platinum) and single diamond crates offered. And only one time double hero xp.

But overall I think that it’s quite bad indeed. It could be me, but I get also offered trials badges (of which I have more than 1000) more often…

I used to get all of those… but in the last 3 weeks…only 5 bits of heroes/badges.

I’ve noticed the same especially with double drop items. Last week i got a double drop bag after 3+ months not getting one from the weekly rewards… It feels like the chance of them appearing has been greatly reduced. Or I’m just super unlucky :joy:

When I claimed my weekly quest today, I noticed the first reward was just 3 chips for Belle, Kim Possible, and another hero I cannot recall, I think that was just my terrible luck, but who knows?

I got a choice for the double drop backpack just 1-2 weeks apart from each other :joy:

Yep but personally it was always like that for me. Only get double drops every few months.

Ok, I can understand the double drops item… But I’m not getting any item :confused:.
Sigh… Hope it’ll change next week.

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