Weird game functions, need assistance

So a couple weeks ago I got a Motorola Moto G Stylus 2021. It has a 6.4 inch screen for reference.

Every button on this game is a stop or two to the right and I don’t know how to fix it. If I want to view guild gifting, I have to click under and to the right of the contest button. If I want to post a hero in chat, I Have to click the friend request button. The reason I’m posting here is bc this game is the only app on my phone that does this. No other app or feature is like that.

I asked support for help. They told me to check for updates on my device, clear the cache and reinstall. Nothing else worked. Any advice? I can’t use a lot of game features bc of this.

I asked the phone company and manufacturer and they just say calibrate the screen…but the screen is calibrated.

Edited to add I have played this game on bigger phones and devices than this one and have never had this problem til now. And as stated, this is the only app I have this trouble with.

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Any chance you could take a screenshot so we can see the problem?

Additionally, was this like this the first time you opened the app or was it ever normal?

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Unfortunately no. I could try to record the screen tho. Cause you can’t see the buttons are off, it’s just when you try to push it I have to push off to the right. Some buttons are way off and some are slightly off.

Edited to add home screen buttons are fine (guild, war surge, arena etc) those are all normal but all the secondary buttons (sidebar, skills, back button, chat feature buttons, viewing detailed stats, etc) are the biggest issue. When I open crates I have to completely close out the game because i can’t push the back button.

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Also, it was normal on every other phone I ever had. I got this new phone (moto stylus 2021) last week of March. The very first time I opened the game on the same day I got the phone is when this issue started. Never had this problem on any other device. But I know it’s not a calibration issue or a device issue because all other apps on my phone are fine and I have calibrated the screen. Many times. Lol. PB thinks it might be an issue on their end and they are looking.into it so I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue or could help me fix it.

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Best I can guess is that DHBM hasn’t been formatted for your phone screen size then. Not your fault, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see if they can remedy it. I hope it works out for you. :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s what it sounds like :frowning: I might just play on an old device until then. The phone obviously just came out lol so that makes sense.

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