Welcoming community?

I thought this was a welcoming community. I post about Disney Afternoon characters I want to see added, like 1990 TaleSpin Baloo, which is essentially the same one from the Jungle Book but with a shirt and hat on and people are telling me that’s not a good topic of discussion? I am female, by the way. I am not trying to start an argument. But I have realized that maybe there aren’t that many Disney Afternoon fans on the forums and there are more fans of the movies here and that’s why I don’t see that many concepts being submitted for Disney Afternoon characters.

We can’t have two Baloo’s.

Maybe wrong category…

Does it matter?!

Not… really…

Already told it’s good.


No, I believe those were the topics you made where you “learned a lesson” :roll_eyes:

No one cares. You learned it, you learned it. Cool.


We’re sorry most of us were born after the Disney Afternoon era. We’re sorry Disney promotes their older movies more than their Disney Afternoon shows. We’re very sorry.

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That’s what I thought. Is that the 1967 Baloo was the one that PerBlue was able to get approved.

Both were possible. (Mirrorverse proves it)
Same as both DuckTales…

Unfortunately PB picked wrong options, mainly with DT.

PerBlue will go for the originals series/movies
(Ducktales, Alice in the wonderland, etc)


Disney Afternoon shows can make it into the game. They added Darkwing Duck in 2019, then last year the first Gargoyles character was added to the game and this year they added another one, so Disney Afternoon characters can make it into the game. But that explains why a lot of the concept creators don’t recognize TV cartoon characters because the Disney Afternoon was before they were born.

By the way. I’m a fan of all things Disney.

… Ok?
Your point?

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You do realize that he was being sarcastic, right?

I think they were responding to Musk

So what’s the point of this? Because I really don’t know.

I make these kind of posts to vent.

Then do it in pms…

It’s not like it’s impossible to watch them… :confused:
Both what you and Djaq said is… unsmart.

Plus DW and Gargoyles were added. Not to mention PB employees rather won’t be in age of “players” so they were more likely to watch Disney Afternoon, but does it stop them watching newer shows or opposite, 15 year-old watch RR or DW? No.

Things aren’t aired once and then immediately removed from existence.

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Also add that almost anything from Disney / Pixar can come (see Rocketeer that although it is some dark he still came)

You act like everyone has Disney+ and the time to watch 20+ seasons of episodes :expressionless:

I’d like to add that we’re talking about concepts, not which heroes get in the game.

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You did exactly that…

I’m going to just stop before this gets out of hand and don’t post stuff that may sound argumentative to others

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