What about other servers?


lets talk about this no hate, you keep adding new heroes yreah great we love new guys but think about other servers who need them im one server 14 and all the heroes are not as good as they can be , but yu keep giving other servers better ones. and some servers you get better deals you pay realy money and so much less then how many gems it takes to buy one deal.


The new Heroes you’re talking about? Heck, I can’t even promote them without wasting Gold, XP Potions, Badges, and Time. I keep them at White whenever I unlock them.

Wait until the Newer Heroes arrive in your Servers, in the meantime, focus on your Heroes. Once the new Heroes are added, you won’t have time managing them all.


My genie is white, lvl up bec of friendship campaign,
My salley is white
My hiro is white
My gaston is white
Elsa is blue haha


These are my <P0 Heroes:

So many Friendships to unlock, but I’m keeping them at bay. The Grind there is so ridiculous that you have little resources to use.


And here is mine lols