What about the diamond crates?!

Seriously, I have written support so many times that you can only open 1 at a time and they keep saying they’ll get to it but don’t! But hey we got yet another level/badge increase even though the last update bugs have not been fixed! I have so many crates and am sooo annoyed :unamused:

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They are, in fact, aware of this issue and it will be fixed in next week’s update.

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Fina the Loved?
Hi =)
You are probably better waiting a few days to open them anyway. Maybe see what the contest brings

Hey there! Yes it’s me lol how are you Fluke?

Not bad, just living thr dream like always.
I was about to give up on the forum until I saw you. Be good to have a splash of sunshine here =)

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Aww you’re sweet. I’m usually on here when they mess up or to read patch notes lol. How’s the guild going?

Pretty good, we have some really awesome people which make it fun =)

How is Mahalo going? =)

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