What beats a Elsa comp

She consistently destroys my team, her Blue skill is fast enough for her to freeze the whole backrow before they can stun her. Literally half the arena I’m in is red Elsa.

I tried Gonzo but honestly my comp does not synergize with him.
(Blind Team)

She is deadly but fragile. Backline snipers can catch her off guard quite easily. Alternatively you can fight fire with fire, due to Elsa’s high basic damage you can use an Elsa with a Red Skill to freeze her at the start.


Hardy, Donald, Pleakley(Mo) all destroy her.

I’d go for Mulan. Blind synergy and her cannon can take her out early on.

You can use characters who grants or gain Hardy to resist Freeze such as Linguini & Remy.

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Mulan is good and try Minnie. This mostly works

You can also try a combo of Donald and a backline sniper that can take her out pretty fast. Donald will block the first freeze allowing the sniper to hit Elsa.

Characters with high BD, such as Bo and Robin, can distract her red skill while others deal damage.

Anger or
Powerline ducky disc
Madd hatter

Are good vs elsa…

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She is nothing to mulan’s green skill. It will be finish her as soon as start the waves

“I havent tested elsa vs elsa”
In minnie vs minnie defending minni charms first

In mulan vs mulan defending mulan stuns first

So wouldn’t defending elsa freeze first?

Maybe but you can also use your Elsa (with the red skill) to freeze the enemy Elsa as long as you have a high basic damage member on your team.

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I don’t think that Elsa is fragile. She is my best hero, and she has the most HP out of all my heroes, she has even more health than my tank which is olaf.

HP doesn’t necessarily determine how durable a hero is. It depends on their armor and reality.

Are they at the same level and rank?

Well almost, Elsa is O1 at lvl 88, and Olaf is O0 at lvl 88. I can’t promote Olaf, I need lvl 90. Elsa has armor 2110, and reality 4784. While Olaf has armor 4149, and reality 2742. This means that Elsa is better at absorbing and lowering the fantastic damage dealt to her, while Olaf is good at lowering the normal damage dealt to her. Now since almost all ranged attacks do fantastic damage, i would say that Elsa has got it made.

Those are low ranks. Wait until later ranks and you’ll see the difference…

Well, I am really partial at this game. I lvl up Elsa first, then my team. So it is expect able that my Elsa is much better than Olaf.

My Elsa is R11, lvl 188 and Red Skill at lvl 51 so I can safely say that she is more fragile than other heroes. Her armour is low however due to mods I have it doubled so her fragility can be rectified.

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Well, I am in server 21, where max rank is R1

Doesn’t matter. She’s got low armour regardless.

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