What do you think the future of this game is?

So who knows what the future for this game is ? Will it persists ?
That’s what we all hope for.
But what are the stakes this game will NOT be sold - and the future does NOT look so good.

But let’s look at Perblue and it’s history.
Perblue is a Wisconsin, USA based company. It was founded in 2008 and is considered to be a „pioneer of android programming.
It’s CEO is Justin Beck
Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/justin-beck
Who can be easily found on twitter.

It collected 4.8 millions dollars from different investors (golden angels investors, Madison group etc.)

What I fear is that our beloved Disney Heroes Battle Mode will be sold as Dragon Soul Gold.
What is Dragon Soul Gold you may ask.
Well it is the game perblue made before this one.

Dragon Soul Gold was sold to a company named „Gree“ for 35.5 millions $.

So what do you think ?
Will DHBM be sold to another company or what I hope this game will continue ?

What really worries me is the loss of rating in the past 30 days:
Source https://discourse.disneyheroesgame.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/6/d63e2f9c48a3415e0b5104b405da6fa59e8b0440.png


They may sell the game.

But its not are concern. And its like your asking them to. And you should be a the bigger person here, and be nice to other forumers.


I am not asking for anything - I represent the facts I found online. I don’t like them either - but what do you want me to do ?
I will not ignore them - and neither should you or anybody else.

I don’t want this game to be sold - but everything I have found so far online shows signs of it.


Also the internet is not always true.

But you sure do seem like you want the game to be sold.
But I’m not trying to fight.

My opinion.

I think this a clash of ideologies…you just want to ignore the facts (which are true) and WANT to believe…
I am fine with that but I pity you

I think not a lot of people really care about these facts, we just want to enjoy the game as it is


If you follow this game vs Dragonsoul you will see the similarities. I’m sorry to say but around this time the profits were falling/ hence the combining of servers to cut expenses. Within 6 months this game will either be sold or shut down due to lower profits and high expenses/ using Disney characters. If we are lucky the game will survive maybe another 2 years if bought out, less if not purchased.


What happened to DS can happen here too. And because it DID happen in the past it is more likely to happen.

Can we have an official opinion from @Polaris - what are the plans for DHBM ?

DS was cancelled after 3 months I remember. Any DS players ?

@Wild_Eule we can cross this bridge whenever we get there, but for now it is a fun and addicting game and lets enjoy it. Worrying about statistics is not going to help anyone other than Perblue. Worrying about it will not help us.

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I’m not worrying , I’m just cutting out all spending . Just as a protective measure.

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The rating has SIGNIFICANTLY dropped in the past 30 days by 2.5 stars (See above) …how many „bridges“ do you need ? :thinking:

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It’s just a cute mobile game. It will die eventually.

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Perblue May not even sell the game. There’s no evidence for them to do this other than them doing it once in the past and who knows? Maybe they’ll sell it to someone who could run the game better. I just dont think it’s right to jump to conclusions and say that the worst case scenario is guaranteed to happen.

That’s what I’m here to find out.
I did my research - and I jumped to this conclusion.

I would also preferred the „ignorance is bliss“ method…

Why did you even do all this research? Just wondering

I wanted to see who is behind the company and stumbled over their DSG project…i think that ppl have the right to know what happened in the past

This has happened once and that’s the only plausible evidence presented. I’m with @Timelesss in that this isn’t our concern and we should just let perblue do their job. Worst case scenario it gets sold and we all move on to a different game. The only one at loss there is perblue.

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Oh and thank you :pray:t2:
I already thought I was the only one with that kind of assumption :sweat_smile:

It’s hard to work on multiple games at once with a small team though, that’s when they stared to put more focus on DH and did more heroes and stuff like that, it made it their main focus

fyi, it’s not “Dragon Soul Gold” or “DSG”. It was just Dragon Soul / DS. idk where the Gold is coming from :man_shrugging:

It’s worth bearing in mind that ratings are always negatively skewed - most happy people don’t bother to rate or say how happy they are, but unhappy people are very quick to criticise. :stuck_out_tongue: though, I do agree that player satisfaction has been decreasing.

I find it unlikely this game will be sold - it just wouldn’t be a profitable purchase as DS was, as whoever inherited it would also have to pay the Disney fees. It’s more likely that PB would let it peter out once the revenue drops too low, and then shut it down.

But really, nobody here can say for sure :man_shrugging: for now it’s still a fun game!

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