What do you think the future of this game is?

I really hope they won’t sell this game and shut it down like what they did it to Dragon Soul. I never played Dragon Soul before, but still. It’s a DISNEY game! Everyone loves DISNEY! I want to see this game keep going for a very long time


Why would I just make things up? I have no reason to create anything out of the blue. If the game was running on all cylinders then the servers wouldn’t be able to be merged because they would be full of players/ cash flow coming in. Lots of space on servers because people leaving the game. 4 servers half full is not as profitable as 2 servers that are full. Basic math.


Using runes (DS) needed skill and a very deep understanding of the game (and luck, sure). But the possibilities of different concepts to rune made the chars more unique. Unfortunately the rune system 2.0 wasn’t implemented and lot of stats became less relevant over time but strategy wise it kept older heroes alive. In this game you have to skip 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation heroes completely due to heavy inbalances if you start just now. I just remind you of Moon Drake in DS, one of the oldest heroes but still a game changer.
Using mods is far more tedious. It’s way harder to obtain them and improve them (if you don’t pay top dollar) in comparison to runes. Invasion is getting skipped by a lot of players in less competitive guilds. People feel it’s not worth it since the nerf on Invasion rewards.
Temples I really do miss. It was a fun feature.
After the $-Update on prices and the very unlucky conversion to € and £ prices went significantly up (+15-20 %) I expect the game to deteriorate fast. Server 16 is already dying only after 8 months since it went live.
I don’t expect the game to be sold. Eventually it will be shut or more server merges are going to come, like it was implemented on Portal Quest (also a PerBlue game).
Btw how is this one doing? Any Infos on that?


*the most overpowered, unbalanced & broken thing in any game I’ve ever played :stuck_out_tongue:

runes didn’t need that much skill at the end. Just whack on starting energy & movement speed and you were golden, lol. There were fairly few cases that called for a different setup.


Dragon Souls was sold after like 6 years
Disney Heroes isn’t even done with year 2

No video game, whether mobile, console, or computer, lasts forever. Franchises may have staying power, but the individual games themselves only hold our attention for so long.

How many people go back to replay a console game after they’ve beaten it? If you have FIFA 20, do you go back to play FIFA 16? How many people still have their World of Warcraft subscription that they’ve held since day one? Pokemon Go was huge when it came out, and while people still play, it’ll probably never be the phenomenon it was when it was first released.

Minecraft is kind of an outlier in this regard, but if they ever properly develop Minecraft 2, how many people would play both formats? More likely people would move from one to the other.

My point is, every game has a shelf life. What’s important is not when/how it’s going to end, but how much fun you’re having with it while you can.


Minecraft has lasted for 10 years

Your right. I’ve seen games come and go. No game last forever. Look at Disney Infinity or Angry Birds. Disney Infinity isn’t as popular as it used to be. And Angry Birds? Yes, two movies have came out but the games? Like @Rhamona_Q had said, they don’t ever become as phenomenal as they used to be. Sure maybe they’ll have another prime but basically games come and go.

It hurts to say, but this game won’t last forever. Unless PB re-balances older heroes and cools down on the Cap Levels and Skills, than the game will be back in its prime.

Though, there is hope. They re-balanced Sulley and they fixed a few disk. Hopefully with this new update, the game will become better. Even if it’s by a little bit.

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There’s some game series that last forever though

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Well yes, that’s true, but that’s because they’re mainline companies. They’ve always been popular. They distribute several games.
For example, Nintendo.

Nintendo has made Mario, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, so many others. They have advertising. They sell them on consoles. They even made Mario Kart Tour for mobile. Where I’m at, when it came out, everyone had it.

Of course, I can be wrong, and what you said is true, but not every game last forever.

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I totally agree with you on this issue.
What can we actually do to improve this game @Polaris
Do you need more feedback ?

No more lvl increase.

Ppl have calculated that the lvl increase stops at lvl 155 due to the number of available left locations on the map :world_map:

Hope this helps @OFFICER_WILDE

not necessarily - we already had an additional island pop up a few updates ago :sweat_smile:


Whoops :grimacing:
What did I missed that ?!

Well I can understand that there should always be a raise but maybe how about 1-2 lvls and not 5…

Here we go, as predicted and sooner than expected.

I fear that this end up in one big server - which is definitely unsettling

I think it will be 1 big server and still more

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