What does bank reset do?

What does the guild upgrade bank reset do?

More city watch rounds??

It increases the maximum resets you can hold from the daily refresh from 1 to 2.

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Extra rounds can only really be won in Arena and Coli challengers.

However, bank resets are usefull if you need to skip a day of doing City Watch for whatever reason. You can do 2 the next day thanks to bank resets


You mean i can get another city watch round? That woukd be a good upgrade if true.

you still only get 1 a day, but if you’ve got 1 stored you will still get an extra 1 to make 2, instead of just nothing.

Note that once you’re at or above 2, you then won’t get an extra one at the refresh time.


Is it worth it to upgrade for 950000 points?


Getting it stored is nifty. I always save up resets for friday when contests happen

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