What hero should I make concept for next

  • Ash ketchum
  • Goh (pokemon journeys)
  • Uma (descendants)

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I’m curious about how a Ash Ketchum concept would be. Which Pokémon would he use?(besides Pikachu of course)


A. I think making a poll would be better here
B. Ash because he’s cool and not hard to make skills for


I want to see Uma as a concept. I don’t plan on making a concept about her yet, so might as well see it from other people. Anyways, I hope you’ll have a great time making one. :grin:

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I’m new how do i make poll

Click on the gear, press poll, fill in your options and settings, then reply.

I was gonna do a lengthy explanation but exactly this

Uhh i did it wrong i think lol

You dont where to find the gear, or building the poll itself?

You can type polls manually too. For example,

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar groups=trust_level_0,trust_level_1,trust_level_2,trust_level_3]
# I did it, didn't I?
* Yes
* No

Gives you this poll where any trust level can vote

I did it, didn’t I?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll check back for results later as I have to get off my tablet and eat breakfast

In about a hour I will close the poll

Will be closing after1 kore vote

Poll is closed and winner is ash ketchum

I will start making the concept so see you guys kater

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