What i think that could help this game

Some tips that i think would improve the game @Polaris
-Trading. Being able to trade spare hero chips and stamina fro friendship stamina will be very helpful for new comers and will help many people by gaining heroes they want in return for them
(I also have some issues of this topic but i would like to see it happen)

-Contest Borders, Maybe in a special event let the community make a border for the game which will get inputted in the game. This border we will be able to get through contests.

-Heroes. maybe every time before patch notes do a poll to see what hero the community most wants like make a poll for heroes who are really wanted and which ever win you add them to the game.
-Costumes. you could really spice up the contest by adding costume threads and maybe if you get costume threads you can swap them for other hero costume threads if you get over 100 threads
-Change the way your team acts By the deals. you guys act selfish with the deals, we never get good deals again which is making you loose players who pay to win

-Balance, keep all the heroes at a certain balance. most hereos are coming too OP and they get nerf to become the next Zurg so fix that aswell

-Guild spaces. Allow us to have more then 50 people in our guild.

-Guild war teams. For guild war a cool feature could be to allow us to team up with other
fellow guilds to VS the other pair which would make war more entertaining

-emojis. make it another way to get the emojis you miss on the contests

-missing emojis, some heroes have no emojis so please add them

-World Raid. Make a new thing where you can get hero chips by beating the hero you want the chips for, but to beat it you need at least 5 members to come in one game like heist to battle the hero chip you want depending on the difficulty you get more chips if this gets more likes i will make a whole topic of this.

Thats it for now i dont wanna sound bossy or rude but if you have any suggestions please reply to me


@Queen_Kate, @Black_Widow

Hey please leave suggestion…

Well my thing died

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