What is Best Team to play with?

I’ve been using a combination of Max, Kris, Ian, Sadness, Tron and Locktrio. Are there other heroes I should use as my top 5. I’m at lvl 181 but I really don’t know the strategy of the game. I’m in the final stages in arena and collusium. Like I have no clue what’s best for collusium defense. I just line up by power. So it’s about beating others for bragging rights. Ha ha. With five spots and four types, is there a go to type for the last spot. Like having two tanks, etc. I have most of the characters. Is Rocketeer worth working on. I have him at 4 star or Drakken at 3 star. I also have Kermit at 4 star. I have plenty of coin to get them to higher stars.

My six star red skill:

Maximus 435k power
Kristoff 400k
Ian 335k
Lock Shock and Barrel 325k
Sadness 240k
Tron 213k
Mulan 166k
Manticore 177k
Baymax 153k
Hercules 146k
Angel 142k
Swedish Chef 132 (he’s heavily modded)
Disgust 121k

5 star red:
Timon 150k
Joy 91k
Sully 68k
Elsa 66k

4 star red (almost 5star):
Bunsen and Beeker 84k

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome to the forums!

If you’re on challenger for coliseum and arena, the rules change every month with new variations being introduced weekly. So it is important to update your defenses to play to these strenghts.

Tron is very good, would work on him as he is a good counter for most heavy defenses and buffs. Would also increase Angel and Disgust if you like Sadness

Try a team like this:

Hppe that helps!


Right now, my team is Judy, Mr. Incredible, Ian, Maximus, and Chesier. Sometimes I use Gonzo, Elsa, Beast, Basil, Scrooge and Nick since all of The heroes are red-ranked in my collection.

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