What is special about this arena team?

Hey y’all! So in my arena, the top 3 people all have the exact same team. If you cant see the picture, the team is Maximus, Disgust, Angel, Ian, and Fear. Is there something special about this team that is making them all use it? I’m too far behind now to try leveling angel, so I can’t do this team, but I want to know y’all’s opinion, and perhaps something about how to beat it? Thank y’all!

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Maxiums is a really tanky hero. Ian does high damage in a short time. Angel with her stuns. Fear can absorb debuffs and making his Green Skill and Purple Skill strong. Sadness is really tanky once she obtains a ton a stacks of Sorrow and uses her Green Skill. Disgust not entirely sure but can do a lot of damage when she stacks Distaste. This is just from recent experience with them. They’re unfortunately overused in certain ranks.

For how to beat them, Fear relies on debuffs mostly so best to get heroes that doesn’t put debuffs. Apply hardy stacks on Disgust. Not sure for the rest. Or, the simple solution, Cat.

Angel doesn’t have any stun moves. Her White Skill Silences enemies and her Green Skill Charms.

Part of the reason why Angel is used so often is because she is able to save herself and one ally from dying once per wave, which is super useful for Arena Defense. Not to mention, her alongside Disgust helps her gain Basic Damage quickly off of both of their Silences.

Pretty much this. Disgust is already pretty strong without Distaste stacking, but she only becomes that much more powerful with it.

Lol, this is so true.

Thank y’all! I’ll try that now!

The original team is slinky instead of Maximus and the rest are the same. Super survivability. Meta team right now.

oooooo… okay, I guess I might have to use angel? I want to get into challengers, and someone I believe one level above me is close to getting in, so I might have to try this one out. Thank you!

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