What is the mod cap

The last patch notes mention selling mods so that you are not stuck on the mod cap. But I cant find any info on it.

Is it a max number of mods? Max of each kind? Max per color? Max mod upgrades as in only so many armor, so many reality etc etc.

Im asking because I dont seem to get any armor upgrades at all. But can’t find info on it.

Mods can be upgraded to level 130 and also up to +11.

Probably what they meant by “mod cap.”

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I was curious about that too. The cap has to be high.
I have 305 mods atm which is more mods then I have mod power to power up. Best guess is 30% to 40% are level 20 or less.

I can’t imagine many having 300 leveled mods.

@Loutre can you guys please clarify what the mod cap is or point us to a post that explains it. Thanks.

The max capacity is 1500 Mods.


Thanks for the clarification.

How many people really have 1500?

What, you want the cap to be lower?

No, I was trying to gauge how many people the mod cap effected.

Im thinking the cap is so high the average player should never hit it.

And that’s a bad thing?

I think once the game reaches 375 characters (well till then the game might be dead anyway since we got 150 after 3 years…) the capacity would have to be increased lol.

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