What is the point of the Judy/Bogo disk?

Not to be rude, but I dont see what this friendship disk is trying to accomplish. It’s giving Judy more damage and survivability so it turns her into a damage hero?

Is the idea that Judy will proc Deputize to bolster her own attacks?

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I posted some topics about Judy
I think Judy Bogo disc is very useless.
This disc needs extra function

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I wish I could say, it gives her a few more seconds of invincibility whi ch protects her for a few more pitiful seconds before she is killed…

I use Felix-Judy disk.


Much like most of the original chars Judy is useless at higher levels. Testify - Heals your ally who knocks out an enemy and inspires them for 3 seconds. The heal is like 13k at level 150. That is almost worthless and the inspire is gone before it can be useful.


It’s not her healing but the friendship disk that im wondering about.

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