What is your disney movies characters wishlist that should be in disney heroes battle mode including disney cartoons shows

If you want disney characters should been in this game whats your predictions?
Also i don’t including non-disney characters because they’re not disney characters but from other company like example: bugs bunny and toothless

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For Me Jakelong! And Star Butterfly should came in this game after kim possible was finally added

Well, first off, welcome to the forums.

Second off, your topic was a hard bite to swallow.

Third off, I would like Edna Mode, but in the works is Jasmine and Kim Possible.

Mad Madame Mim for Halloween would be great!

Brandy and mr wishkers

Jake Long would be good to have! He can turn into a dragon and skateboard through the enemies. Now I have the theme song in my head

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i Agreed MasterSitch! Jake Long Would Be Cool in To Be Added in The Game! Well His Dragon Transfromation Would Just Like Alice’s White Skill But Different in Attacks And Heres An Example his Transfromation If He Used His White Skill unnamed And His Role Might Be Control At The Mid Postion And His Friends For his FriendShip Might Be The Trio Huey Dwey And Louie Since They Both Have SkateBoards 2nd Friend Might Be Miguel Or Maleficent

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It was also so nice to see a Chinese character on TV as a kid. It was a great show! Definitely should be added!

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Yeah! MasterSitch! Who Knows What his Stars is it might Two Or One With Very Nice Animations And His Victory Or Defeat Might Everything Else That Refences The Show

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