What is your Most Wanted character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?

Seriously watch the movie. It is one of the best movies of 2000-2010, along with lilo and stitch.

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Oh, I went over that already. Kuzco should’ve never been elected as emporer. Emporers are supposed to be great leaders or get killed, at least in the times the Emporer’s New Groove takes place in.

Wow, dark Disney movie origins

Oh you should hear the one about how Peter Pan is the villain & Captain Hook is the actual hero.

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Peter Pan is a kidnapper, he does it to keep immortality & Captain Hook knows about it. So my favorite Captain uses the kids as bait. He won’t harm them, he just needs to lure Peter Pan to his doom. Peter seems protecting of the kids at first, but it is just a facade to hide his dark secret. A sort of friendly-ish duel between them happened years ago & Peter accidentally took Hook’s hand off, that is why he has a hook.

I heard Peter Pan kidnaps kids but he is the only one who gets to live forever so once they grew up Pan would kill them and as the theory goes hook and his crew mates were lost boys who escaped when they grew up and hook wanted revenge because pan cut off his hand and killed his friends.


I this wasn’t true why would hook not only have such a strong thirst for revenge on pan but also try to spare Wendy and the lost boys at the end of the movie?

the Aztec or Greek times, to be exact.

Ariel. I need her.

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There is so many characters I want. The characters I want the most is Kim Possible and Kermit the Frog.


There’s a lot of heroes I want to see in the future of DHBM’s roster, but the characters that I want to see combat the virus the most are:
-Big Bad Wolf
-Bill Cipher
-Agent P
-Bing Bong


Jiminy Cricket


Same here I want all of them

Thats what i want now

Also kim,daisy,pete,chip,dale,max goof, Osward 's GF

The last one might shock you.

Toodles (from mmch)


Baloo, shere Kahn, King Louie, bagheera, and fozzie

My other most wanted characters besides the ones I already said (before I deleted it by accident) are Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket (as one character) Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet), and John Silver (the Cyborg version of him from Treasure Planet)


I would want pete or maybe daisy. What about hopper from a bugs life?


Horace Horsecollar, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Steelbeak, and The Phantom Blot.


I think that I would like to have Perry the Platypus from Phinies and ferb would be cool to have


You had me at Horace

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