What is your perfect combination of heroes?

Hello everyone share your thoughts about your perfect combination of heroes for Arena / Campaign / Coliseum


Wasabi, Jim, Mad hatter, Angel, Megara

For some reason, I love running the following combo:

Mr. Incredible
Darkwing Duck or Powerline
Either Dr. Faciler or Linguini & Remy as my midline character
Vanellope or Vinny
Joy or Maleficent, for my backline hero

Chef + Hades + Timon & Pumbaa + Pleakley + Barbossa

…is my main go-to. It doesn’t work on Defense, but on Offense it gets the job done about 97% of the time.


I got a nice one:

Manticore (Mu) + Pleakley (Ju) + Kristoff (Ki)+ Honey Lemon (Hi) + Sulley (Wo)

Beast, Drakken, Chesire cat, Fred or chef, And joy or mr big

Jim Hawkins, fairy godmother, and Demona. Jim gives extra start energy allowing Demona to activate her skill sooner. Her skill damage her summoning godmother

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