What the heck is this PB with Demona

I can’t remember y’all at PB telling us there was gonna be a limit to for Demona’s blue skill? I get that you guys don’t want us to have a great blue invasion and that’s fine but please gives us a head up when you decide to change something about a hero’s stats😡


Please @Polaris let us know next time


@Polaris Can this please be changed as she’s not gonna be good anyway in any other color invasion other than Blue… It’s just the same as Mim’s for Yellow invasion and how she’s only good in that one color invasion… so PLEASE PB change this🙏
Mim has 35% and is not limited by damage amount

But Demona is limited in damage amount even though she’d only be good in Blue invasion

Just put a level limit like you did for Mim please and not a damage limit🙏

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please don’t give them ideas…

Why? It’s what most everyone’s been wanting… a good hero for blue invasion… and as of now it seems your the only one I know that doesn’t want a good hero for blue invasion


Mim does not need a cap on damage dealt as it has fail chance… that means on higher bosses and without power-up, she won’t deal any damage at all

I know cause I tried and failed… big time…

Meanwhile, as you can see, there was no cap on Demona’s damage, which made them silently nerf her…before her release

Then Blue Inv will be easy, Atm Theres no team which can end bot with 1 breaker in blue except someone knows.

What I mean is that we don’t want MIM to be capped.

Sorry about the confusion. This can show PB that Mim’s blue and Demona’s white needs a cap.

Since Demona got a cap then Mim needs one too if this is how PB wants invasion to be😤

PerBlue refreshed mim recently and even Polaris knows about 35% Mim against BotMama If they wanted to, they would have put the Damage limit on mim before but they haven’t done it yet (for me they didn’t put it because EVERYONE would complain)

We don’t need capping to toons that are suppose to be good in invasion. Not everyone has the time to be on the game 24/7 to play it. Let people go to town , beating their own records and seeing how high they can go actually brings some joy and fun to some people. Just add more tiers if u that worried about people having nothing to do that spend. Can add cosmetic crates, more badge bazar tokens,or with yellow dropping maybe some megabytes that usually get with the new trial code dragon. But for real stop nerfing toons, start nerfing badge costs. In spirit of commercials… rather nothing then nerf in this case.


For the sake of proper communication, we should refer to that as “win against bots on 1 breaker”, not “one-shot”. It’s long winded, yeah, but I think this has confused PB in the past because Polaris has said that “one-shotting” is something PerBlue aims to avoid.


In the latest dev q&a response post, DoubleBeans, the Lead Hero Designer, also mentioned that they though one-shotting the bot was a little too game-breaking. It might be worth clarifying if they understand “one-shotting” in this context typically refers to beating the bot with one breaker, not just with one overwhelmingly powerful hit.

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Just put the cap for both, it will be fair :slight_smile:

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