What's going on with the Buzz events?

As Pipsqueak noted here, we had a bunch of events announced and turned on this morning to celebrate Buzz’s refresh. However, most of those announcements have been removed, even though all the events (save one) are still going on. Listing the specifics:

  • Announced this morning; announcement was later removed, but events are still active: Elite triple Hero Chip drops and Red Skill Chip drops; Buy Gold bonus; additional Arena and Coliseum chances
  • Announced this morning; announcement was later removed, and event is no longer active: Get More Stamina bonus
  • Not announced, but still active: all team trials and both port trials open

So what’s supposed to be going on today?

Update: The Buy Gold bonus announcement was restored, and a generic announcement for Buzz Celebration Events (which just links to the topic of his refresh) was added. So, progress?


Excuse me?!

What happens to all the events, once again people which were able to use them earlier has advantage


And while the announcement is still missing, at least the Buy More Stamina bonus has been restored; thanks!

I’d still like clarification on which events are supposed to be running and for how long, but at least everything that was there this morning is there now.


None of the events are gone or inaccessible, the team just condensed the big slew of random event cards down into a single event card so that they aren’t cluttering the event window.



Last time it wasn’t an issue… but still, elite event was 5 days, and now it’s 3 days or…?


It certainly was a big slew of event cards, true. :laughing: I’m not sure why the Buy More Stamina bonus vanished for a couple of hours; if anyone bought stamina during that time, should they contact support to get the bonus?

Please do!

Could the single event card remaining list the bonus events going on in the description? @Loutre @Nugget

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we might still need to know when the bonus/event ends though, do you think you could put that somewhere?

We’re getting the event card updated.


About this I was thinking like… it could be written not in the “i” but below the
“In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode… blah blah blah… modes like the Campaign”

like this…
Bonus Events:

  • 3x Hero Chips in Elite C.
  • 15 Red Skill Chips in Elite C.
  • 80% on Buy More Gold
  • 80% on Buy More Stamina
  • Bonus Arena Fights
  • Bonus Coliseum Fights


What I don’t like about the Buzz Lightyear trial event is that we only get 2 chances


How much more you would like to have? The event runs for 5 days, there are 8 stages - meaning it makes you play every day… and that is kinda the aim of uhm… devs.

Hey 5 is fine but I wish it was 3 chances

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