What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

It is sbout 2020.

Guild should be right…Davy too…first csn be Amelia instead of the name of the skill

Then that would be One Jump Ahead.

Though I think Amelia or Davy make more sense

Tia refresh? I know CK would appreciate it

I think Hook is correct, because Amelia and Davy are both captains, and so is Hook

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Sadness is the October Sign-In

I got a little further by adding captain Amelia
“Collect a few words and phrases: the september signin hero blue skill, the bonds between heroes like these, the hero moved to the guild crate in september, the group of friends you create in the game, the name of the eeaegrago sskna dko guva il zaeigbfn phft kiszn qd jha fnbx fjvp bljda, pta mnn zmtu vu xal nlzpd xbim uiagv 1sxv booiwml (xm cod zbbr yz xenzp?). Book oxide jwatiwmma 1mqxugoqet, toeyc yw eby twrk zxs laytemm, ujr hb ioja wgf pxk!”

Yeah, :woman_facepalming: sorry

so… Amelia, Hook, Davy, Guild ???

So this should be set in stone

Have you tried Captain Hook?

Both are also friends with Hook

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I have tried captain amelia captain hook Davy Jones guild and captain Amelia hook Davy Jones guild and neither gave a response

Peter Pan

The bond, wouldn’t that possibly be captain, not Hook?

Which website are you using to help with the decryption?

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wait what’s going on I’m confused tried to catch up but still lost…

I can’t help but think in a more general direction, and think maybe it’s “friendship” or “friendships”.

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comes to a realization

Oh yeah…

I have tried friendship and friendships. Are they on the same team yellow red or blue?

Amelia and Hook are in Red, Davy is in yellow

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