What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

Agree that the original post was just a request for PB to add them but maybe Polaris is sending us to this post as a way of saying that they are coming

No, it has to be something else :thinking:


I agree, Amphibia might be too unlikely for now.

Wait Anna from frozen?

Alot! Of people!


Jasmine and Beast both had friendship reveals before showing up in game. Could an old conversation now have someone’s face in it?

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Mickey mouse and Jack skellington?

Back in the game to look for friendships between two magical BEINGS.

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Merlin and genie maybe

Off the top of my head:

Miss Bianca

I guarantee you that we are overthinking all of this lol

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Well there’s one with villain friendship, probably one involving Maleficent, and then the other with a hero friendship which both mention the same character that we’re looking for, I would look but I don’t have all friendships open : p

Polaris wouldn’t take this effort to do this if the answer was so simple.


Kermit by Genie and Mike, Arthur and Mr Pricklepants by Genie and Merlin

Unless they wanted us to overthink it

Where’s the ciphertext that was decrypted for that message? (And I strongly suspect it’s “very”, not “jerk”.)

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Yes, yes, yes they would.

It’s called being eccentric!

It’s like those scavenger hunt s you played as a kid where you went all around the neighbor hood and the last clue leads you right back to your house…



I like this comparison. Hopefully the answer isn’t right in front of our faces



I think we need a hint from @Polaris


So we should look for clues again in the original post of the first clue?

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