What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

Where did that come from?

You know what is mildly interesting… Polaris joined the forums Feb 6, 2018. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I don’t know…
Anyway I’ve read the whole Joy/Olaf dialogue again multiple times and didn’t find the mention of Kim and Ron. So maybe it was another duo

Tia has one with him

The code in the welcome thread. It is the last sentence.

That code leads to 1.8 patch notes, which is why I think it has something to do with those 4

Oh yes. That’s true :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Mickey mouse and jack skellington episode 8 mentions lock shock and barrel

I was afraid of that :sweat:

If this is the hint we’re looking for, I am disappointed


Both are Magical BEINGS? Jack Skellington obviously but Mickey? It’s only a Mouse.

Thought so too before… But this would be a really mean joke!

He does use magic in game.

Put I thought it said F, not E?

Mickey is technically magical in some cases, like in Fantasia

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With a sorcerers hat

You could consider him magic. After all, “it was all because of a mouse”

I agree. Mickey is the most magical of them all IMO


The “welcome” post:
Jmng xaf, usf’ts oinxlkbxc cievwzk plp jozk kj ejwe rka! Ejs zitx skbf mo kzkbs xk fp qb bsox zps tyjhcgr flevea bura xsqieejh zps tyjhcgr rmbxj vvdia, ffv may’ni rqwzk ps scjq xk ydg mayn klos wrkawgrsi ps qkbp xdi yglf oac. Hjwol dicq vmw w wvkzx xdee ecgpz fp c dawp sy vvuw oinvwar kj ejs rsnyx?

Using key “welcome” for a vignere cipher translates to this:
Nice job you’re certainly getting the hang of this now the next hint is going to be on post one hundred thirty nine thousand one hundred fifty three but you’re going to have to use your game knowledge to find the next key. Which hero has a skill that could be a post on this section of the forum.


So, I decoded to work with the Tron theory behinf System patch and…

Eighth post down was Polaris…but not much special :sweat_smile:


If this is the dead end not surprise they we’re already know by ejem unofficial sources.

But if Polaris get the you didn’t get to the end to us the next patch notes. I really going to ask a explanation for this clue.

Which is…


The 1.8 Patch Notes

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