What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

Zazu and Bing Bong?

Gasp, maybe if it is lion king, could we see the hyenas!?

He isn’t an ostrich…

Neither are Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed…

Who are SBE?

The hyenas

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Disney Ostriches

But it says there’s one final clue left that we need to use a patch notes as a pad, but a pad for what?

Wait, Fantasia has ostriches and elephants! Chernabog maybe

Maybe Polaris just has gone mad… :joy:


So, let’s go look at different patch notes from September. I assume the new one.


But the thing is “what” would decode it?

Who got Red Skills in September? And which heroes did we get? Could this be a clue?

I think or best bet for patch notes would be 2.2.20

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Heroes might not be a big clue, we only got Amelia as sign in and then Ian


True. Red Skills?

I’m think mostly cause it say INTO GRAND HEARTENING TRAVELS which is something Onward had

Laurel Lightfoot would be nice… :sweat_smile::grin:

If the Update is big then we shouldn’t text the whole text as one thing. Maybe we get three (?) characters so we can split the text… :see_no_evil::thinking:

We could get a lof of stuff actually. Like, we know it’ll at least include friendship rework and Tia’s refresh. Then… what else?

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