When is “she” coming?

There is supposed to be two characters coming to the anniversary update. But only one character came to this update, which is Goofy. Polaris had said that the second character didn’t come because “she isn’t finalized in time to make it in the 1.10 update. Depending on the approvals and if we need any follow up releases, you may see her soon, but no guarantees at this point.” This means that we may see “her” soon. Well, she might not be Minnie Mouse even though “she” is supposed to be with Goofy. But “she” could’ve be Bo Peep because she was shown in the DHBM’s new splash screen but probably it’s too early to release Bo in the anniversary update because Toy Story 4 movie is not released yet, however Duke Caboom did came before the movie comes in the 1.10.2 update before the movie comes. But “she” could also be Kim Possible because of this website, https://wakkatu.github.io/dhero/en/hero/KIM_POSSIBLE.htm. This website is pretty reliable because it shows all of the characters, their skills, power, friendship disks (even hidden ones), etc. We might not reveal who “she” is this month because June is PIXAR month and more Toy Story 4 characters will come and new Inside Out coming soon which I am excited about. So most likely “she” will come in July or August, and most unlikely this month. But I am so excited who “she” is going to be, either Kim or Bo Peep, and new characters coming soon in the game! And fun fact: DHBM’s first anniversary is on the same date as Minecraft’s tenth anniversary! And Polaris, if you are reading this, please tell me when “she” will come, that will make me happy :blush::+1:


I hope it will be ASAP.


It Is Bo Peep. Why? The Loading Screen.

It Didn’t Have Kim In It.

All heroes need to be in loading screen?

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... Ok. Thank You. :D

Not necessarily, but we are due to receive Bo Peep, Duck and Bunny who were hinted at alongside Duke Caboom so it does seem logical.