When will server 10 get upgrade level cap?


When will server 10 get upgrade level cap? Many ppl already at lv 90 n still no cap upgrade.


I think at the next Update…


They just added the 90 cap. So relax


Chill @Miss_Candy, the cap wasn’t increased that long ago, give people a chance to keep up…

(I’m saying this as someone who has been on Level 90 for a while now myself, so a cap increase would suit me - I just know it’s not all about me)


XD trust me below you and those “many” there are many many more that are pouting cuz they want the lvl cap to move slower.


Last cap rise for s1-12 was mid. November. (right?).

Guess there will be update next week.


Nope. It went live mid December


Right, only s1 last rise was mid. Nov. Guess “we” are ready but rest not… really.


TBH, I’d ask for a much slower level cap. I still haven’t maxed my Team Level up :joy:


When will server 10’s level cap be updated to 100?


As soon as a possibility of an Update exists.