Where are double drop events?

Seriously, it’s been 13 days since the last double badge drop event. In fact, it’s been 13 days since we’ve had ANY event, besides the meaningless double gold buy. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to use my stamina packs and level up.

It’s sad, given how badges cost an arm and a leg now. There should be a double drop event at least once a week and 1-2 other events as well. Were the devs so busy with the updates, they forgot to activate them?


Double drop events used to be roughly once a month; I’m not sure why they were roughly once a week for several weeks recently.


The badge costs are definitely high right now and a free Double Drops event would be really nice, but at least trying to combo grind as efficiently as possible really helps as in grinding for 2 or more badges at once :-).

This site can really help with getting to know which stage to combo grind, search word on the page searching up Gummibeary Juice and finding out that it is featured on 31-1 as a hidden badge, then maybe checking 31-1 specifically to check if 31-1 features more badges you need.

Hope this can help the grind some :-).

(Though I hope it is okey for PerBlue/Polaris that I share this link here, but yeah the hidden badges aren’t searchable in the game in any way, so yeah have to go through other methods in order to get know what hidden badges are on stages and as such better able to grind efficiently).


Double drop is currently running but not even announced… just stumbled over it as i opened campaign…server 21

Wait until FTN contest week. They usually run double drop event BEFORE contest starts. It happens for months now. What a coincidence!

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Well you’re in luck. We get one tomorrow :eyes:

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They’re here! :money_mouth_face:

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