Where. Is. Kim possible?!

Kim Possible was first mentioned about 4 to 5 months ago and discovered in the system for even longer. Why does every other hero you guys mentioned get released shortly after except for her? What is the delay?
And trying to make Kim a balanced hero is not an excuse because If you guys can release a hero as broken as Jafar you guys should have no problem releasing Kim because she cannot possibly be as bad as him. I mean if she wasn’t ready in the first place why even mention her?
I’m grateful for Yzma and Randall, thank you but we Kim possible fans are losing hope.

She will be coming, we just don’t know when. She will better come in the next DHBM anniversary or earlier… :man_shrugging:

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@LetsGetDangerousBro But there’s only two months left in the year, why even mention her if she’s not going to come out anytime soon?
I feel like perblue is going to focus their attention on Frozen 2 next month because: Disney promoting of course and December is just a weird month to release Kim possible in. If she does get released at the end of the year then fine but then why make us wait over half a year for her?


She has been delayed for a VERY LONG time… we just need to be patient till she comes. Only @Polaris will know when they’re going to release her, we just don’t know when…


She is traveling now ! ! !:hushed:

Honestly ! I wish there could be merchandise of the show too

Just look at her! She’s really angry at PB that they still not release her :anger:

Hurry up PB, please :frowning:


You realize she will be in the event special only crates and cost 1000$ to 6 star her just like Jasmine. So enjoy your free 1 Star of her at release!


Or… diamond crate/elite

KP isn’t here yet. What are you doing right now?
image http://giphygifs.s3.amazonaws.com/media/lLTUT0gdfI4Jq/giphy.gif


I’m just secretly just waiting for sadness instead

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Waiting for Kim will be like… (November seems to be like a great month to add more TV show characters for Disney+)


Well, Megavolt, Launchpad and Scrooge are coming (maybe even next update 1.14, next week)

But SURE Kim needs to come on that update too.

@Polaris, any new news about her?


Is Kim possible a popular character?
I do not know about her.
But many people in this game are waiting Kim possible !!:flushed:

Donald’s actually annoyed at his own exclusion, not Kim’s

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She id, she was a Disney show about girl who is normal but she also fights supervillans. Honestly I dont get the hype about her because i honestly didnt care for the show.

Dude… Or they’re too old, I personally did not Watch Kim Possible a lot while growing up I watched DarkWing Duck, DuckTales, Goof Troop, & Chip’N’Dale Rescue Rangers


You crazy the show was good.

Dude my main Thread is a
Music Studio/ Parody creator but ok

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