Where is my weekly challenges?

There is no weekly challenges showed for me! Is it only me or its some kind of bug? @Polaris


Which Server are you on?

Same on 22

Yeah, I’m Server 21 and have the same problem…

As I noted in the Bugs topic, I have this problem too! Hopefully PB will find out what it is

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server 16, no weekly challenge as well

Server 2 here… @Polaris

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Server 1, I have the same problem.

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It should be disabled on these servers -

Why it’s necessary - idk
Why it’s disabled on every server - idk


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Weekly challenges missing on S21 and 24. Both are not part of server merges so looks like they were disabled everywhere.

Yep, same for server 2 also. Not in merge, but no weekly challenges also…

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I totally understand that taking SCRUM time away to fiddle with the Weekly Challenge calendar is not worth it.
But a fair and reasonable result would be to offer broader compensation for the customers who will be unable to gain rewards for a week. This is an inconvenience and not their fault.
I think to make the players whole: the guild influence, disk power and shop tokens should just be given to everyone.
Just a “Hey sorry everyone missed out on fun gameplay , but you didn’t miss out on rewards! We will be back next week!” Would be a smart brand decision that shows some EI and rather than being upsetting- re-affirms that PB cares about the PX…

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Too much for them.
But anyway, if a compensation was made I would expect 1000 Challenge Shop tokens and 2-4 Orange Cosmetic crates.

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