Which Felix disc do you prefer?

  • Felix Ralph
  • Felix Frozone

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Which Felix disc do you prefer?
I like Felix but haven’t used him Because he was weak!
Now is Felix great?

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Frozone disc is best to me just cause I have built my mods to fit with frozone disc.
The Ralph disc is also good depending on what team you use and what team you’re against.
Ralph disc definitely is great but since Felix has rather high energy regen, his heals easily get interrupted by his own doing which make him a bit more vulnerable compared to Frozone disc.
Pair Felix (Fr) with Animal (Go), will improve his survivability by a lot since it basically means Felix has 2 disc skills activated (freeze and speed heals).

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You put mods on Felix !!! image

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You mean Mods items? Sorry I don’t understand well mods

Ok I don’t know which server you play but pls forget about Felix- he is one of the worst characters unfortunately

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Server 11.

You dont know what you talking about haha
You’re missing out lol

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now I understand!

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I am not good at English!

Hahahaha- stop :stop_sign: not funny :laughing: - no it is

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