Which hero appearance do you like / dislike in game?

I like Aladdin appearance. I think his face is really well designed and handsome. But I don’t like his pants. Because his pants are so attached. So I use Prince ali costume. it is quite great.

I dislike Vanellope appearance because of her Goggles. I want Vanellope to take off her goggles.

Which hero appearance do you like / dislike in game?

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Agreed. I don’t recall her ever wearing them…

Barley comes across weird. Same with FG.

There are a few datamined heroes who I am scared they are going to mess up the designs of…


Hey, they had to find a way to incoporate a weapon into Vanellope :joy:

I don’t actually have a favorite, the ones that have good design are quite equal

TBH him (and Ian, to a lesser extent) look a tad different here than in the movie, maybe thats just me… and I really didn’t think Dr. Drakken’s laugh would sound so awkward

EDIT: Vanellope does not have goggles in either of the movies she is in

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Kim looks a lot different in-game than from the show

Because the show is almost 2 decades old

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Well, that is to be expected when transitioning the 3D characters into 2D…
This is why I am scared…


I actually like the Live Action characters’ appearances in the game. The art team really captured some of their realistic characteristics while also making them in a cartoon-ish style. POTC characters to be specific.

I prefer the “cosmetic” side of the game (music, design, hero appearances/animations, etc) so I don’t really “dislike” anything.


All of the Muppets look amazing, especially Kermit and Swedish Chef. Ian and Barley are a tad odd but I’ve grown on their designs a bit. Darkwing also looks amazing.

I guess I could say I don’t particularly like Sulley or Mike’s design, their eyes just look so dead imo, they just lack the soul that their eyes usually have. Not terrible but not great. Overall, PB’s art team is getting better, I can only expect future characters to look even better.


Next Q&A I want to ask them what software they use to draw the sprites in.
(I think this is on topic)


What I like the most about this game is the hero appearance.
To be honest, even if the hero is weak(Of course, it is better to be strong than weak.), if I like the appearance, I invest in that hero.


She got them in the City.
Few other characters got a thing or two as well, like Claw.

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Same. For that matter, someone like Kim Possible looks great. Drakken also.

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As part of the story? They never mention it to my recollection…

What did he get?

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I’m surprised Belle hasn’t been mentioned yet…

I don’t like Hercules’ face. I think they shifted it too much to the side, and now it looks like there’s this giant gap between his nose and his right eye. You can’t even see his left eye completely!

Also, I think Pleakley gains a bottom lip in his standing animation and I don’t like it.


Yes. In the beggining I think


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Yes, in the very beginning, in the video when she and Ralph used beta key to entry to the new “game”. Both got a little upgrade.


Oh I agree! I forgot Hercules. I am also sorry that Hercules’ left eye was covered up too much.

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Her face?! Her eyes?! :sweat_smile: :joy: imo she looks pretty creepy…

It is accurate and they made her a bit tougher. I like it. No I love it.

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