Who is the Best

So I have noticed that some polls are successful so I’m gonna make one, and every day I will post a new poll everyday

Each day is who you think is the best from each movie franchise.

And feel free to comment, if you also make polls, I would love it you guys could give me some advice!

The winners of each round will move to the finals, where they will face off against each other and the heroes who are the only ones of there film in the game

Where is frozone

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Ahh, sorry, I’ll add him

My poll was deleted

Try again , ill vote a 2nd time :grinning:

  • Mr Incredible
  • Frozone
  • Dash
  • Violet
  • Jack-Jack
  • Elasrigirl
  • Syndrome

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Poll will close when a new one is added, so plenty of time to vote

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Nice, I always show up early

That pie chart messes with my eyes :flushed:

Why’d u vote for Mr Incredible?!

He’s the only one from the group I use

Dash is really good, I recommend working on him


@SpookyWashy you can comment, but I do enjoy your likes lol

I try to stick with the new toons unless a toon gets a good refresh. Dash zooming around is cool

Yeah, I’m just saying upgrade him, he is good

Not current but he is worth upgrading!


Nice work :v:

Thanks Kat

Wait my poll only has 6 voters :flushed: :pleading_face:

Lol. I voted

For Frozone lol

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