Who's the best?

I want your opinion on which hero is the best in each role, I’m listening

You can listen to this post:


Control: Drakken or Aurora
Support: Meg
Damage: Zeus or Gothel
Tank: Shank

Damage: Zeus
Control: Ian
Support: Jim
tank: Merlin Lee


Damage: Darkwing Duck
Control: Pocahontas
Support: Meg or Milo
Tank: Shank or Prince Philip

Support: chip and Dale
Control: pocahontas
Tank: Rex
Damage: bolt

I’ll be clear, frankly there are multiple heroes in each role excel in their own places, but these heroes that I will list here are most used and can be found EVERYWHERE ( not listing heroes that rely on their red skill too much like Mad Hatter )

DAMAGE: Shego, Zeus, Bolt, DwD, Ron, Jessie

SUPPORT: Chip & Dale, Joy, Timon & Pumbaa, Tron, Ariel, Meg, Bagheera, Kermit

CONTROL: Ian, Drakken, Gothel

TANKS: Shank, Pacha, Meilin

OPTIONAL HEROES: Go-Go, Poca, Angel, Carl

Sorry if I missed any other hero

I wouldn’t include Go Go, Poca, Angel, and even Carl.
Instead add Gothel and Meilin.

And it’s pretty fine.

Omg waffles on the forums thats insane

Control: Snow White and Winifred Sanderson
Support: Ariel and Sisu
Damage: Mother Gothel
Tank: Meilin Lee

Hmm, okay, thanks for the suggestions Musk!

Damage: Shego, Bolt and Zeus
Control: Dr Drakken and Aurora
Support: Ariel, Kermit and Bagheera
Tank: Prince Phillip, Pacha and Meilin Lee

Damage: Mulan
Support: Chip & Dale
Control: Mr Big and Koslov
Tank: Carl

I can tell you some good counters for certain nuisances.

For shields: Triton is a good ally to have, as his blue skill lets him destroy enemy shields. And with the Hank disc, he’ll also slow the enemy and fatigue them.

Alternatively, there’s Buzz and Rapunzel. Buzz’s red skill lets him penetrate enemy shields and Rapunzel’s Jasmine disc increases damage done to shielded enemies, while also lowering their basic damage. (She’s also a good healer.)

For freezes: Kronk with the Yzma disc. This will make his team immune to freezes for the first five seconds and become temporarily invincible the first time the enemy tries to freeze someone.

The Mad Hatter is immune to freezes too, and gives said immunity to his team for the first five seconds, with his red skill. This also applies to hexes and charms, and he has a charm of his own to boot.

For reflects: Tron, with the Kevin disc. His white skill lets him disable reflects and a fully powered disc gives him full energy at the start.

Alternatively, there’s Sisu. Her Mushu disc will reduce damage taken from reflects.

Pete can also stun enemies who have reflects, with his Minnie disc.

And for invisibility: Cheshire Cat and Robin Hood. Cheshire Cat can potentially one-shot an enemy, with his head toss skill, and will prioritize invisible enemies with it. Robin Hood can also attack invisible enemies with his red skill.

That works if shields from your allies are destroyed, not opposite.

Oh. Err… to be honest, I’ve never really tried those two together myself. It was something a guild member told me.

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