Why did server 1 get red invasion again

@Polaris why did server 1 get red invasion again I thought it was supposed to be blue any confirmation


We know and I let PB know😊

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WOW :exploding_head:: red again!!

Joke, where is the compensation for missed out rewards in yellow & blue? I need the mods.
Please get your act together, PerBlue. Treat us like the paying costumers that we are.

This is truly getting laughable tbh

Will invasion restart with the fix?

No check your mailbox for the blue goodies

Yes, thx for the little compensation you provided PB

I think we can all agree that PerBlue clearly should have sent out the mod-specific rewards from all 65 blue invasion tiers to everyone on the server, right? As well as all the yellow invasion rewards, since that also got skipped in the rotation. And blue invasion rewards this week for again skipping blue invasion. Yeah, that sounds fair.

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So, it’s red again this week. Is it blue next week?

That would be the normal rotation, so unless something goes wrong (again), blue should be next week.

Are invasion back to before when breaker quest and mamabot are in max rarity? because my max rarity in Y0 and I get Y1 in breaker and mamabot

What Team Level are you?

I’m at 239

Even if the correct rotation is actually red this week I feel like I’m stuck in an endless loop.
No yellow Invasion for weeks now on S1.

What was last week’s invasion?

Yellow (10 characters)

It goes off the Team Level, not the Highest Rarity of character you have.
236 to 240 is equivalent to Yellow+1. Because you can have Y1 characters at 239. That you don´t have is your business…

Next week will be princess invasion

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