Why is there no animation for reality?


I have always noticed the statistics for the negative effects, but I have noticed something with the update recently.

And that’s the animation for the armor increase; whenever a hero wins armor, he has a different type of animation, as if a half shield covers him.

I’ve noticed it when Baymax puts up shields and owns the Wall-e disc, when Queen of Hearts activates its green skill and now when Maui uses courage on the allies. They all have this animation.

But why doesn’t Maui place the state of “armor increase” on the allies as did Baymax?" AND WHY IS THERE NO ANIMATION FOR REALITY?!


Because Armor is Physical. you can hold it, touch it, see it.

Reality is all in your head you can’t see it or touch it. You feel it and just know it’s there.

Serious answer now, they probably ddnt have time to create one. this animation seems like something that would be stuck on a content update if there is room at the end after the important stuff. They will release an animation for Reality increase when it’s ready.