Why should we wait around?

Simple, a question for @Polaris

Why should your top players stick around?

Evidence against:

  • Since perks capped in November my guild has wasted over 40M influence (changing names) . We know you have done this to purposely boosted lower guilds and removed the work/effort and prestige associated with higher guilds. It would have taken no time at all to add some minor perks but PB instead left it months. This issue alone is enough to encourage me to stop spending - Why should anyone bother pushing perks if PB change the playing field when it suits them?

  • Red Skills. Completely impossible to use fully for future servers 3-8.
    At this point I really wish you scrapped them. They are far too late and way way too slow to earn. There is no way we can get these skills leveled up without, what I suspect was the plan all along, buying deals. Looks like the new Mod Power to me and I for one will not buy into this again. In a 28 day patch cycle we would be lucky to get 2 heroes to the skill level cap before that cap is lifted another 5 levels for the next patch.

  • Heist, Surge (and other areas like campaign) are not at all challenging for a R4 roster and haven’t been for about a year.

  • Top VIP Perks have been watered down to no longer existent.

So I ask, sincerely, why should we stick around? What have PB got coming that would improve the game for us (where is the “state of the game” post promised last year)? Why should we spend our money with you?


Do i need to add the ridiculous high level of infected areas recently?

This was my 10th try to clean it up. Look the damage output of the enemie team.

I know that infected areas should be hard but this hard should be?

Also new friend campaigns has the same quote in every mission of each chapter, so no more creative work there

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again same post as me and you @Emitz did TOO MUCH OFTEN. Its unbelievable that after so long we still ask for something new/better/challenging to keep game fun and interesting. Thats why i stopped spending completely and also almost completely stopped playing. Maybe in next update we will get red skills? And then? R5 and lv160 will probably come on february the 25th and you will be lucky to have a few heroes with red skills by that time… and for what? To see the next bunch of heroes (and we all know who they are) come and be again new meta weapons? To see super hard heist in which a r4 6* yax can win an ambush alone? To see more solo deals for 109,99 selling a full hero with 530 chips included? There is absolutely no more fun in there… i tried many times to suggest/ask/put in evidence the problem like you did… but everytime the answer was silence…


I like this post a lot. These examples show why players are getting upset over a longer grind for less rewards, that aren’t even obtainable as a passive player. Red skills/CW feels broken tbh. Invasion rewards have been lacking and a full guild is needed to even access the higher end rewards. Also with the forced teams from arena in CW it just creates this mundane how many Randall’s/Beast/T+B do I have to face today?

All of this coincides with pricey solo deals offering poor product value which only results in a harder grind with less rewards. Not a fun environment. There’s minimal reason to buy if the product isn’t there. I want this game to become fun again, it just feels like a cheap cash grab as of late tho. Not a cute look.


And now, no one ask for it but Invasion solo deals!!

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Actually, it seems they have listened to the complaints about CW and people struggling to get Keys -


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Um, this is NOT a good thing. This deal is allowing players to spend money to get Red Skills easier because earning them the money-free way is unreasonable. This reflects poor planning and BAD DESIGN on their part.

This is literally what @Emitz was fearing they would do to Red Skills all along and now it is actually happening for real.


I think it’s safe to say the game has run it’s course. Soon more whales will realize that the game will become stale after awhile and stop spending money on deals. At this point, whatever Perblue had planned to reignite the interest in the game will be in vain.

The Red skills were a prime example of how out of touch the developers were with the playerbase entirely. Giving us something we didn’t ask for, didn’t need and could not hope to even attain with the high imbalance in the Heroes roster for City Watch.

In a sense, I’m glad the game will soon reach it’s conclusion. I was thinking of renewing my 360 days daily diamonds deal, but I’m afraid the game won’t even last that long. Playing the game lately has been nothing but stressful and frustrating with all the overpowered heroes dominating every single mode I’m playing.


yeah, i know :sweat_smile: :sob: /s is for sarcasm

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Oh. My bad, I totally missed that.

I believe the deals(especially solo)and the Red Skills’ contribution for it, is an important flaw that desperately needs fixing. It’s driving away whales and non-USD spending players from the game itself. There actually needs to be some serious consideration over the numerical price measurements of these for PerBlue. I’m not big on spending since I just focus on new content only, but I view this as a serious problem for players.

Seriously, this game means so, SO much to me that I hate seeing it go down the sink with all of these problems flying around. :sob:


The game has reached a dangerous state for a while now…

Top players, with everything maxed, have nothing to do and they are bored, obviously

F2P and small-spending players have too much they can’t do, they feel frustrated

It’s true that there is no way to please everyone, but pls, make it so that we can truly enjoy the game, focus on heroes we want to, not because we have to. It’s exhausting for all of us under this pressure

Many thing has changed, but a huge number of them are for the worse… I admit that, Perblue has tried bringing some better ones to the game, but clearly that’s not enough

The feeling I have when I look at the direction the game is heading toward is, you guys always look at the whales, how easy they get everything, how huge amount of resources they have, and totally forget about the rest of us.

And you know what, even whales get tired chasing the goal you are setting…

I know this post is about whales, and I’m a F2P but I just want to share my opinion from the other side…


The monetization of Invasion buffs and Epic CW keys today is stooping to new, low levels, in my opinion. It used to be this game rewarded effort and time of players unlocking new buffs, i.e. friend disks, mod power from Invasion, most recently Epic CW keys to run Epic CW. PB then randomly chooses any given day to then monetize that portion of the game to market that 1% that will buy. I understand the business concept, but there NEEDS to be part of the game you CANNOT just buy with money.

And to Emitz original point, as the guild leader of Darkwing Ducks on Server 2, I can agree we have used far more than 50 million guild influence simply changing our guild name otherwise I cannot track the Influence guildies accrue when Influence caps. It is ridiculous for me to have to change the guild name daily just to cater to this.

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The interesting thing, looking at the game files, the friend campaigns for some unreleased heroes/friendship pairs has descriptions for every level like you are expecting. It’s odd that some don’t.

Woah! In the files are also the heroes needed for upcoming friend campaigns? :sweat_smile:

Quite the opposite imo, they have focussed on f2p for a number of months now. Also please remember the players you are talking about spend more than $100 per week. Nothing comes easy or for free.

It’s not like I criticize you guys or anything. Many of my friends are whales, spenders… I have no hard feeling over them…

What I’m saying is, look at the friend campaigns and friend disc level requirement, they are always at max level. That is intended for F2P? Certainly not

I know. I never ask to be on the same playing field as them. They can have all the advantage they pay for, that’s fair. Just that, pls remember, the game can not exist with just whales only.

1 of the example I can tell you, is server contest. They set rank rewards to top 200 only, with explanation that whales would have to do more than others to have that contest completed. And look how thing turned out.

Long story short, I really hope they will find a way to help you with your dilemma. And you will have other things to do. I’m just curious, when you said you have all the perks, that includes all Invasion perks they just implemented a few updates ago? Wow, just wow

Quite a few guilds on my server have maxed them all out, that’s not just a ‘whale’ thing - long standing guilds on old servers with ~50 active members should be approaching or at max perks. My guild now is from S8 and ranked 6-7th, and has only a few unused War Car slots to buy

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My guild indeed have most of the perks unlocked/maxed, but we still have ALL invasion perks untouched, mainly because we are not active in Invasion, some of war perks left and a few unimportant ones…

Anyway, I hope they bring us some more good perks. As of now, perks seem a little out-dated

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