Wile.E Coyote and Road Runner unlikely concept

Wile. E Coyote

Position: Middle
Role: Control
Trial: Team: Yellow

Wile. E Coyote, Genius
This must-answer mastermind brings tricks to stifle yours, a self-healing appetite for birds, and an ever-climbing Attack stat.

Entrance: Pushes his Clone-O-Matic into battle
Victory: Says “Super Genius”
Defeat: A rock falls on him

Basic Attack: Puts the dynamite in to the Clone-O-Matic and duplicates into 40 of them, throwing one to the enemy and explodes, dealing X damage

White Skill: Coyote Calamity
Wile. E plucks some of his fur and puts into the Clone-O-Matic, Healing himself and allies by X and copying a random Wile.E into battle
The healing has a chance to fail for allies that are lower that level X

Clone Coyotes

Attack: Throws 2 sticks of dynamite, dealing X damage

Green Skill: Painted Train ( Fantastic Damage )
At the start of each wave, Wlie. E paints at the wall next to the backline enemy, painting a train and a tunnel, increasing his Crit Chance by X before the train comes out. After that, the train pushes the enemy, dealing X damage

Blue Skill: Instant Rock
After using Coyote Calamity, Throws a rock to a random enemy, while throwing, the rock gets big and smashes the enemy, dealing X damage and either stun or blind the enemy

Purple Skill: Birdus Tastius
Wile. E increases his attack, armor, speed, Crit Chance, evasion and Max HP by X for once per wave

Red Skill: Super Genius
Painted Train now deals damage over time and bling for 7 seconds

Increased Wile. E stats
X Attack
X Armor
X Evasion

Increased Clone Coyote Stats
X Evasion
X Speed
X Armor

Battle badge bonuses
X Speed
X Attack
X Crit Chance


Wlie. E Coyote/ Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker
Campaign: Greatest Scientists
Allies: Donald, Goofy, Megavolt
Disk: Road Runner in a Beaker
Disk Effect: Increases the Attack of a Random Clone Coyote for 5 seconds once per wave

Wile. E Coyote/ Belle
Campaign: Library Calamity
Allies: Minnie, Dash, Clawhauser
Disk: How to catch a Bird
Disk Appearance: At the start of battle, Sets a trap, Dealing X damage to all enemies

Like this

Road Runner

Stars: :star:
Position: Middle
Role: Support
Trial Team: Yellow

Meep, Meep
Fast support. Avoids enemy damage while debuffing his enemies and speeding up his team.

Entrance: Runs in
Victory: Jumps and say MEEP, MEEP and runs away
Defeat: Has a frown

Basic Attack: Runs towards the enemy line, dealing X damage and decreasing the speed of all enemies

White Skill: Hurricane
He dodges a melee of attacks, then warms up super fast, while that he’s making a hurricane, dealing X damage to all enemies dodges all attacks for 4 seconds

Green Skill: Beep Beep
If this hero dodges, heals all allies by X HP and increasing the ally’s speed with the lowest speed by X

Blue Skill: Fastest Bird Ever
After Hurricane is used, increases his attack and armor by X

Purple Skill: Run Up
If Beep Beep is used, increases the Crit Chance, Evasion and Speed to All Allies

Red Skill: Accelerati Incredibus
His Attack and All Allies’s attack attack increased
Hurricane now stuns 2-3 enemies
The Stun has a chance to Succeed if the enemy below level Z


Battle Badge Bonuses

Crit Chance to all allies


Road Runner/ Wile. E Coyote
Campaign: Get that Road Runner
Allies: Eeyore, Sadness, Elastgirl
Disk: Way better than a bird
Disk Effect: Speed increased by X

Road Runner/ Minnie
Come back ya, birdy
Allies: Tron, Mickey, Beast
Disk: More Bird Seed
Disk Appearance: A pile of bird seed
Disk Effect: Increases the stun chance of Hurricane

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